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The Thermonuclear Fusion Lesson

by Gaetano Borrelli, ENEA

DOI 10.12910/EAI2017-069

The paper analyses some of the aspects developing during the period 1997-2008 in which the Author has been involved in SERF Programme (Socio Economic Impact of Fusion) as Italian responsible of Public acceptance and communication process of ITER at moment in construction in Cadarache France. In particular Public acceptance of technology and communication process shall be take into account

Fusion Power Plants

by David Maisonnier, European Commission

DOI 10.12910/EAI2017-068

Developing fusion energy as a new source of energy represents a considerable challenge. The European Union, together with all ITER Parties, is currently engaged in the construction of the ITER device, which represents a scientific and technical undertaking of unprecedented magnitude. Successful ITER operation will demonstrate the scientific feasibility of fusion energy, leading to the construction of one or more DEMOs to demonstrate the technological and economic viability of fusion power

The European In-Kind Contribution to ITER

by Federico R. Casci, Fusion for Energy, Spain

DOI 10.12910/EAI2017-067

ITER – “the way” in Latin – is a major step in the development of fusion energy. Its objective is to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy. The European Union (including Switzerland), Japan, China, Korea, the Russian Federation, India, and the USA are part of this international scientific project. The ITER machine is under construction at Cadarache in the south of France


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Nucleare dal passato alle opportunità

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La Sanità tra Scienza e Tecnologia

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Smart city


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